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    • A bit late but nice intro hope you enjoy the server!   - Angel
    • Decided I'd start a drop log to keep track of any rare (mostly just gonna be "Very Rare" drops) I may get in my journey. I'll update as/if I get any more. Haha Mutant Tarn - 120 KC:  
    • Specifically, the Mutant Tarn. It drops oysters, opal bolt tips, and an occasional helm of netzinot, but half the time it just drops nothing. Tought to be motivated to grind it out when there's almost 0 reward UNLESS you HAPPEN to get a very rare drop.   I'm 100+ kc in, and I have literally gotten nothing from them. 
    • Thanks for suggestions. I agree on the second suggestion, the starter box will be removed, it doesn't make sense why it's there. Can you please be more certain on which monsters you are talking about in first suggestion so its easier for us to change the drop table? Thanks.
    • Mutant Tarn- The drop table seems super top heavy. 98% of the time you get basically nothing. Would be nice if you got a medium sized coin drop and some bones or something of the sort, considering the HP/Def they have. They take a minute to kill, and you're way better off bossing elsewhere if you want to make any money.   Customs in the Wilderness-  Kiling some bosses in the wilderness gives you a chance at getting a starter box, which you can open in the wilderness to exploit the "No Customs in the Wilderness" rule. I would suggest removing that drop from the wilderness monster drops tables.  Thanks ~Nubcake